Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Episode 150: "Wheels Across Africa"

Here it is ladies and gentlemen...episode 150! Another milestone for the BMA. I'm not going to try and say too much about this one (if I get all the way to 200 I'll do it BIG!), other than to say thank you to everyone for listening/watching, subscribing, and passing the word along about the BMA podcast. I truly appreciate all of the support that I've received for this podcast and blog, and I'd appreciate it even more if y'all would drop a comment on the BMA iTunes page.

This episode is the 1926 documentary "Wheels Across Africa", presented by Dodge (a division of Chrysler Corporation) and adventurer/filmmaker Armand Denis is a road trip that takes you on a motor expedition (courtesy of Dodge trucks) straight through the colonized African continent. This film shows a very interesting portrait of 1930s Africa, starting at the Mediterranean (complete with a snake charmer in Morocco), and following all the way to the Indian Ocean. You get to see some cool stuff on the course of the journey, as the crew struggles to cross the Sahara Desert amongst the Arabs of North Africa, then continues on with the people and villages along the Niger River, and along on a wildlife safari through the east African plains and valleys. All in all it is an enjoyable look at an Africa of decades ago. I think y'all will dig it. Peace.


crush said...

Congratulations on 150+ episodes. BMA is by far my favorite podcast.

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